Fortnight Cambridge


IDEO Fortnight is a 2-week intensive internship during the months of August and September where people from a variety of backgrounds come to our Cambridge, Massachusetts studio and create something amazing that impacts our designers and the broader Cambridge community.

You’ll have access to the tools and people to help you make something impactful. All this and we’ll pay you too! If you are a self-directed, curious, and self-motivated person that loves to make things with others keep reading!


2015 Theme

A Call & Response

This year Fortnight Cambridge will ask you to collaborate with another fortnighter to launch your project within the studio and/or Cambridge, Massachusetts. This year we are asking for submissions around the creative theme of Call & Response with the intention of launching something, even a rough prototype, at the end of your two week project. You’ll get to see how people respond to your idea as you create it in the spirit of immediate feedback and impact!

Do you have a new thought that you want to get out in the world? A new picture or sound that everyone needs to hear? Maybe new forms of eating, drinking and communicating that need to be shared with a neighbor. This year is about coming up with an artistic experiment that, when released, can be built upon, iterated and launched out.

For Your Brain

Thought Starters

Write and Record A Rock Opera For Boston

Release a piece of code that that impacts our neighborhood

Create a new type of video game that can graffiti the wall

Design the future of the novel

Brass Tacks


Applications will be accepted through June 14th. We will go through your proposals and pair you up with a like-minded Fortnighter as a co-conspirator. We will give you one month to get your ducks in a row and then two weeks to join IDEO Cambridge to contribute daily releases that culminate in a final launch event. Of course if you already have a co-conspirator in mind please apply together!

To apply please submit your resume, portfolio, availability during the months of August and September, and your project idea using the theme of call and response. We think in pictures, so please tell us about your project idea using visuals. Wild ideas are not only encouraged but preferred!